Remember the Crazy COVID Market? Is 2024 Going to Be Another Crazy Year in Real Estate?

3 months ago


After the rollercoaster ride of the 2023 market, characterized by sudden interest rate hikes and harsh winter weather that kept homebuyers at bay, it’s refreshing to see signs of recovery as we enter the second month of 2024. Especially here in Hayward. The hike in buyer interest jumped seemingly overnight, and the market came alive. Our team starts every day reviewing the inventory and generally it only takes us a few minutes … Why? Because we’re dealing with just 3 to 4 new homes hitting the market for the entire city. That’s astounding given the soaring demand for housing!

2024 has kicked off on a high note! Case in point: We recently listed 3272 Round Hill Dr, Hayward on January 25th, and during the first weekend of open houses, we had over 80 groups of potential buyers! The turnout was exceptional, leading to the property being snatched up under contract within a mere 5 days, with 4 offers surpassing the asking price. This marks a significant improvement from the challenges of 2023. As the dust settles from the interest rate hikes, it seems both sellers and buyers have adapted to the new normal of higher mortgage rates.

One thing we can’t argue is the facts, let’s dive into the numbers for a clearer picture. In January 2023, Hayward saw a total of 68 homes listed for sale, with an average sales price of $856,334. Fast forward to January of this year, and the picture has drastically changed. We’re now looking at only 34 homes for sale, with an average sales price soaring to $1,032,208!

Surprisingly, this figure surpasses even the average sales price from January 2022, which stood at $1,031,177. This robust start to 2024 mirrors what we affectionately call our “Unicorn years” in Real Estate – a promising sign for anyone considering selling their home this year.

Now, I understand if you’re hesitant, thinking, “I’ll never sell, not with these rates!” But consider this: many of you are sitting on substantial equity, offering you the opportunity to cash out and explore other options such as purchasing a property outright out of state, downsizing, or funding your retirement plan/assisted living. It’s a leap that many are hesitant to take, but the vast majority of clients we’ve assisted in transitioning out of their homes into their next permanent situation often express, “I wish I would’ve done this sooner!” We empathize with the stress and overwhelm that comes with packing up years of memories, but we promise you, you don’t have to worry!! We’re here to alleviate that burden.

Whether it’s finding your next dream home, navigating the complexities of retirement living, or preparing your current home for sale, we’ve got you covered. That’s what we do, and that’s why you hire us. We’re here to assist and to ensure a seamless transition for sellers.

Curious about the value of your home in today’s market? Call or email us for a free evaluation! (510) 961-1179 or and let’s discuss the endless possibilities.


For years, I’m sure you’ve received our tomato plant, complete with growing instructions, right on your doorstep. Some of you eagerly await this time of the year, ready to plant your babies and see what sweet bloom awaits you! Those of you who do plant your tomatoes know they bring the biggest, juiciest, and sometimes sweetest tomatoes you’ve EVER had! Better than anything you’d buy at the store or grow yourself from a seedling or from Home Depot. Just ask your neighbors! They tell us all the time, “Fohl brings the best tomatoes ever!”

This year, we will be hitting the streets during the first week of April. We prepare for this event 7 months in advance! We order our plants from a nursery in Auburn. Once the plants are delivered, then we embark on a full week of deliveries, working 6 hours a day with over 40 team members and helpers to complete this event. It’s such a great experience and it really allows us to immerse ourselves in the neighborhoods of Hayward and San Leandro. We love seeing your smiling faces when we are out delivering your plants!

So, this is just your friendly reminder, the “heads up” for the eager beavers who await their little plant. She’s coming! Oh, and make sure to say hi if you see us or one of our awesome volunteers in your neighborhood dropping off your gift. If you’re nice enough, I’ve even seen them give extras! Winter is almost over Hayward, and the groundhog didn’t see his shadow! Spring and Tomato plants are almost here. We LOVE seeing the pictures of your tomato plants and harvest! Last year, we received so many wonderful pictures of you, your pets, and your tomatoes. Any pictures we receive this year will also be posted in one of our newsletters!

Also, please note that while we try to deliver to as many doorsteps as possible, we are not able to deliver to every home in Hayward and San Leandro. BUT we did make it a point to order a few extra tomato plants for those who do not receive one. You can reserve a tomato plant in advance to ensure you receive one. To do so, please email us at, with the following information:

If April comes around and you did not reserve one and did not receive one on your doorstep between April 1st-5th, please give us a call at (510) 961-1179, and if we have plants left over, we will reserve one for you.

See you in April!


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At some point in your work, career, relationships, or school life, there might have been a time when you felt uncertain or were doubting yourself. If you were lucky enough to have a mentor, they may have helped you navigate this situation by believing in you and helping you understand yourself in a way that you were previously unaware of. Many children in our community are underserved and lack a supportive environment to help them navigate through their already complex lives. However, having a mentor during such times can make a significant difference. A mentor provides guidance and helps youth navigate through adversity, gain self-awareness, and achieve newfound clarity.

For 30 years, Be A Mentor (BAM) has served youth from challenging circumstances in the Bay Area, managing numerous mentoring projects with cities, counties, and schools, providing direct mentoring services, and pairing thousands of youth with caring, adult role models. BAM’s programs reduce gang violence, prevent alcohol and drug abuse, and improve academic performance. BAM works with partners to recruit, train, and oversee mentors who work with youth to improve academic, social, and career outcomes.

In celebration of its 30th anniversary, BAM will host its first Gala at the Scottish Rite Center, starting at 6:00 PM and concluding at 9:00 PM. The event aims to raise funds for programs and promote the benefits of mentoring. The event is a must-attend, featuring a festive reception with delicious hors d’oeuvres and drinks, a silent auction and raffle, and an exciting program with a three-course dinner.

Help us to continue making a difference in the lives of underserved youth who deserve someone to believe in them and something to believe in. Scan the QR code below to purchase tickets, tables, or sponsor the 30th Anniversary gala. We hope you can join us!

If you would like to find out more information on this great organization, their contact information is below:


I’m sure most of you have seen recently, Hayward is experiencing a surge in real estate development. The latest addition is the stunning La Playa Place by D.R. Horton, located near the Southgate neighborhood. This exciting new community is now offering a rare opportunity for homebuyers seeking single-family detached homes.

La Playa Place will offer 47 two-story homes, starting around $1.1 Million. To sweeten the deal, they are offering a closing cost credit if you utilize their recommended lender. The process to secure a home looks fairly simple per their advertising, they are requiring a $20,000 earnest money deposit check to reserve your spot in this community. Once reserved, buyers are asked to sign a purchase agreement within 48 hours.

With three distinct floor plans and three different versions per plan, there’s a layout to suit every lifestyle. Plan 1 features a 1,547 model, while Plan 2 offers spacious options ranging from 1,807 to 1,871 square feet. The largest of all of the plans is plan 3, which presents homes spanning from 1,964 to 2,030 square feet.

While we have no personal ties to this builder, nor gain anything from highlighting them, we thought it was nice to see the added single-family development. Especially with our drastically low inventory in Hayward. If you or someone you know is interested in this development, you can view their website at If you have any questions about buying a new build, or buying or selling real estate in general, you know you can give us a call at (510) 961-1179.